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Mumford and Sons

Have to say this is the best performance I have seen of these gentleman here on YouTube. They profess this may have been their best festival experience ever. I see it in their performance.

I have seen them live twice so far. I hope to make this year's Outside Lands Fest the 3rd!! The feeling of spirit is contagious and ever preset from first note to last. The bands they bring to their gigs and the fests they belong to are all magical.


I really look forward to these blokes continuing to do what they do best, which is connect folks and touch hearts.


February is a great month to Read!!


Do you love reading?

Tell us what you are reading now, in the comments below....

I'm reading to my daughter daily and marveling at her advancements in just a few short months. 

Very inspiring!

Currently we are reading,  Claude on the Slopes, by Alex T. Smith

Last night she read to me from, Mr. Putter and Tabby Take the Train, by Cynthia Rylant and Arthur Howard.

I am currently working on my book, 7 Steps to Inner Harmony, and reading for me is research and drafts, editing and collecting information for this blog. 

I'd love to know what is new (and old) out there that you think noteworthy.

Pass it On!


Chronic pain

After some very intense displacement of both hips and neck in my early youth, I have built up a fair amount of soft tissue damage and some residual scar tissue along with truly stuck spots that cause every day chronic pain for me. 
Some activities make it much worse and I try to avoid to much strain, and eating a diet with a low level of inflammatory items is a necessity to keep comfort at optimum. I don't like taking medicine for pain and choose to do some basic things only and then do a lot of stretching and moving to help release stuck spots and make movement less painful. Here is a great resource for some very beneficial stretches if you too have aches and pains that need some attention!
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